Alpha Delta Chapter at Rhodes College

Kappa Delta

Our Officers

Carly Cone


As President, Carly oversees our chapter and our council.

  • Major: Business
  • Hometown: Houston, TX
  • Fun Fact: She was a competitive figure skater for 9 years!

Rebekah Hardeman

Vice President- Member Education

As Vice President - Member Education, Rebekah educates new and current members on our Kappa Delta history and ritual in order to become better and more involved Kappa Deltas.

  • Major: English
  • Hometown: San Diego, CA
  • Fun Fact: She has been to Romania twice on mission trips!

McKenzie Dorris

Vice President- Membership

As Vice President- Membership, McKenzie ensures the continuation of our sisterhood by leading activities related to the recruitment of potential new members and preparing our chapter for formal recruitment in the spring.

  • Major: Neuroscience
  • Hometown: Prairieville, LA
  • Fun Fact: She was once on a morning talkshow where Sharon Osborne gave her a puppy.

Claire Difani

Vice President - Operations

As Vice President- Operations, Claire ensures that each member contributes to the chapter to the best of her ability. She additionally guides the chapter as it strives to meet academic, social, and sisterhood goals.

  • Major: International Studies
  • Hometown: St Louis, MO
  • Fun Fact: She is going to Greece this summer to work in a refugee camp.

Becca Heyman

Vice President- Community Service

As Vice President- Community Service, Becca works to integrate our chapter with the community by working with the Girl Scouts and fundraising for Prevent Child Abuse America and Tennessee.

  • Major: Art and Art History
  • Hometown: Kennett Square, PA
  • Fun Fact: At New Years in her home town they drop a giant glittering mushroom from a crane to mimic the ball drop because Kennett Square is the mushroom capital of the world!

Rubie Loman

Vice President- Public Relations

As Vice President- Public Relations, Rubie serves as a liaison between the Alpha Delta Chapter and the Rhodes, Memphis, and national communities.

  • Major: Studio Art
  • Hometown: Dallas, TX
  • Fun Fact: She can lick her elbow!

Sydney Davis


As Secretary, Sydney organizes communication within the chapter and works to keep records current and accurate.

  • Major: Math
  • Hometown: Winter Park, FL
  • Fun Fact: She has the same birthday as Elvis!

Hannah Johns

Vice President - Finance

As the Vice President - Finance, Hannah oversees the financial planning and budgeting of the chapter as well as monthly reporting.

  • Major: Business/Economics
  • Hometown: Germantown, TN
  • Fun Fact: She performed at the Levitt Shell in 5th grade!

Lillian Spell

Panhellenic Delegate

As Panhellenic Delegate, Lillian serves our chapter as a liaison between the sororities and helps promote Greek events and life on campus.

  • Major: History
  • Hometown: Glendora, MI
  • Fun Fact: She goes to Morgan Freeman's country club!

Katelyn Curtis

Vice President- Standards

Katelyn helps our Chapter to uphold the values of Kappa Delta and keep us safe.

  • Major: Accounting
  • Hometown: Dallas, TX
  • Fun Fact: She was born with 11 fingers!
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